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Good communication is essential to engagement, which in turn leads to member loyalty and retention.  The key is finding the right balance – too much and your key messages are lost, too little and the continuity is lost, which in turn can leave members feeling forgotten.  


The range of channels through which to communicate with your audience has never been so diverse. The options for reaching both existing members and potential new members are many, but unfortunately the budgets and resources available for the task are never unlimited.  So, another important consideration is where to focus those limited resources to get the best possible return on investment? 


More often than not, third party support is invariably the most suitable solution! 


In focussing on the challenges and future needs of both your association and its members, Touchwave Media can help to create powerful content and dedicated events aimed at keeping your audience informed and interested. 


TWM can provide: 


  • Event Management 

  • Press Relations 

  • Media Planning 

  • Marketing Collateral 

  • Contract Publishing 

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